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CANOPYSPARKS began decades ago as a single poem enabling a vision to grow into this undertaking. From that time on, I have been building toward this day, believing a Christ-led inspiration. Frankly, I believe the Lord, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit act upon this world every day. A man might be successful in this world by many measures, materially & among men, but without the Lord crossing over the gap between worldly success and salvation, this world is a captive place.

There is a mystery revealed to us through Him that is beyond our understanding: He was, is, and is to come, REVELATION 1:8. I find comfort in His living relationship with me, yet I am a work-in-progress. If not for the Lord coming after me, I would find myself undone. I am not perfect, but being perfected. These poems are to entice readers to go beyond the words on the page and witness finding the Lord fills their own personal gap. Alone, we cannot. He crosses over for us, that we may find the fruit of faith in Christ. We need to trust in what we cannot see ourselves or prove to others, HEBREWS 11:1 KJV, Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

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My Profile

I am a 60’s child, born 1950. I grew up as a woodsy kid along the Poestenkill in upstate New York. I was the last
of four children and higher education was always viewed as central to opportunity and self-improvement. It was during my turbulent high school years that I received my poetic license. Attending SUNY at Plattsburg, I received a BA in Philosophy, taught high school, and then proceeded to complete a 60-hour Graduate Program in Counseling. I taught middle and high school, became a guidance counselor, and managed a major retail chain store. I finally retired after 20 years as a sales engineer for a printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturer, then moving from southern Vermont to southern Virginia. I am married to a wonderful woman and have two grown children. And I still love my 18-speed touring bike.


I give thanks to the Lord for my steadfast parents, my wonderful wife, and my children; His gifts to me. My son, I thank for much more than all the IT work here. My daughter, I thank for hearing and sharing her internal voice. I thank my pastor(s): Pastor Mike, Pastor George, and Pastor James. And I thank every reader/subscriber for allowing me to enter their personal space.

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